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Application Devel. & Maintenance

We, at Butterfly, have a long track record in using state-of-the-art technologies in application development. Our expertise and experience guarantees the suitable solution that your business needs. Utmost attention is paid to provide the solution that can integrate harmoniously with the existing systems.

Process Automation Solution

In day today business, there will be lot of regular manual processes such as downloading File from FTP, load a text/csv/excel/XML file to database, export data to a file and send to third parties, copy files between local drives/ network drives/FTP/email, read email and save data to database/file system, etc....

System Integration

System integration is the process of linking together different computer systems and software applications physically or functionally. Our expertise will help you in implementing and integrating state-of-the-art technologies for achieving your specific business goals.

Process Consulting Services

Superior processes provide significant benefits to the business. Robust, yet flexible processes are instrumental in improving performance through increased productivity and reduced cycle times. Our talented team has acquired significant experience and domain knowledge through delivering such projects .

Portals & Content Management

An enterprise portal provides a user-friendly view of your organization through presenting information dynamically from various sources. It empowers customers, employees and vendors to self-serve information that suits their needs. With the incessant flow of information and the number of applications that an enterprise has a centralized platform for instant access is essential.

Website Design & Development

Butterfly Portal realizes that the designing for the web means designing sympathetically with the way people actually use the web, not how we think they should. Our experts can evaluate the core purpose of your website and create a professional website which best suit your needs and target audience, keeping high quality and international standards.

Testing Services

We have delivered reliable and quality software to a number of clients from the enterprise domain by providing end-to-end testing. Since the Quality is the Culture and way of life at Butterfly, we assure Quality to all our deliverables by performing end-to-end testing with quality control team and the overall performance is over viewed by well experienced Quality Assurance Team.

Software Support Services

Butterfly has 24x7 support center with highly skilled staff experienced with the methods and tools to support, sustain and improve your software assets’ value and performance over time. Our software support services include on-demand labor and maintenance services, annual or extended support agreements for your advanced applications, basic system software solutions etc.

Major Domains

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Airline Industry

Getting high quality service at a lower cost is a big challenge Airlines are facing today. Airlines always strive to keep their current customers satisfied and attract new ones, all while increasing revenues and keeping costs down. Butterfly, with its expertise in the domain, helps you to meet the unique needs of the industry, providing wide range of products and services in almost all discipline of aviation industry

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Insurance Industry

As Insurance companies strive to elaborate their business in a globally integrated world, they look to more sophisticated solutions to differentiate themselves from their competition. Butterfly provides the technology expertise in enabling your workforce with the right tools like Online Insurance Solutions, Medical insurance System, Corporate Insurance Management System etc.

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Increasing global trade has increased the global distribution system which has expanded world competition among the automobile industry. Butterfly’s Innovative technological solutions help the company to win global competition and a position within a foreign market. Our RTA compliant vehicle testing software systems provides a real-time foundation for collaborative and ebusiness environments.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Vicinity of a Wholesaler spreads over a large territorial area with regular supply of product to its clients. Consistent supply and best service are the vital part of its existence and growth. Butterfly gives a comprehensive solution to organize complete activities in a single axis. It coordinates all the process in the supply center and field, which supply live data without any delay. So management can take decision based on concurrent data.

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Transport & Delivery

Live monitoring and interactions make the transport and delivery team more productive and accountable, especially when the size of the force is large. Butterfly enables live tracking of fleet and resources in a single platform. It ensures live monitoring and provides historical data in individual and aggregate manner, on demand. Despite other monitoring applications, Butterfly system supplies maximum relevant data at its best accuracy and pace. It mainly emphasis on tracking activities than that of the fleet and route.

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Apart from other industries, service industry faces practical snag to monitor their outdoor staff in effective and economical manner. Same time it is inevitable to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. Butterfly offers state-of-art solution to track outdoor site works effectively regardless the nature of the business and activities. It ensures live connectivity with the resources outside and timely communication with them as well. This is a very flexible solution to customize conferring with any specific industry requirement and capable to integrate with any application despite of its scripting language or database.

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